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LOGLINE: Sometimes you have to lose yourself in order to find out who you really are. Uncovering what your mind has chosen to forget can be a treacherous road to navigate. 


SYNOPSIS: Nevaeh wakes up with no recollection of who she is or where she came from. As she tries to uncover who she is she finds herself in the oldest battle between heaven and hell and both sides want her. As she tries to regain her memory, she is also fighting for her very soul. She will cross paths with the forces of good and evil. She must try to find out who she really is without putting her friends in danger.  


Physical Universe of the Show: A dark supernatural drama set in Los Angeles, where the army's of heaven and hell bring their battle to earth.  When an Angel decides she wants to experience life as a human she turns heaven and hell upside down. 


Thematic Universe and Tone: it is a juxtaposition between the seedy side of life and the hopeful side. What people think of as the real world will collide with the supernatural world. Nevaeh having no memory of who she is or where she came from will encounter both worlds and try to figure out which one she belongs in. Not everyone she meets is who they appear to be at first glance, and she must learn to navigate her way through and figure out who is a friend and who is a foe. 


Character Breakdowns

NEVAEH: 30 year old woman who ends up at St. Monica’s hospital with no memory of who she is or where she came from. With the help of her new friends, a detective and a psychiatrist she tries to build a new life for herself while trying to uncover her past. 


DAVE:  30 year old man who makes deliveries to the hospitals around Los Angeles. He has dabbled into the occult but is not sure he believes in it. Unfortunately, he let it into his life, and it has plans to use him. 


LARRY: 40 year old man who works with Dave. He is a very religious man who sees miracles ever were, as a devout Jew he knows there is a God. He is married and has three children. 


PAUL: 30 year old male nurse who works in the emergency room in St Monica’s hospital. He believes there are many things we cannot see and in miracles. He is a single man who has yet to find someone. 


THERESA: 30 year old woman who has been a nurse in the ER at St. Monica’s hospital for ten years. She is a devout Catholic but does not force her beliefs on anyone. She has recently lost her grandfather who she was very close to. 


DR. ELIZABETH MICHALES: 40 year old doctor who is the attending of the ER. She is a recent divorce with an eighteen year old son named Greg. Dr. Michales has seen many miracles in her years she believes there is something out there but not sure if she calls it God. 


DETECTIVE DAVID CHASE:  50 year old male who is always on the job even on his day off.  He lost his daughter Samantha to a car accident and his wife to mental illness.  He is a Christian who stopped talking to God the day he buried his daughter. 


GABE:  He looks like a 40 year old Caucasian male. In reality, he is the arc angel Gabriel. He has been assigned to watch over Nevaeh and is battle ready.  


THEO: He looks like a 40 year old African American male. He is an angle and is working with Gabe. He is extremely fit and Battle ready.  


CHASTITY: 20 year old woman. She is a very confident woman who is always looking for the next good time. She is a low-level demon who is trying to work her way up to the head demon over Los Angeles and there is nothing she won’t do to obtain it. 


SCOTT: 20 year old Asian male. He is a very metro-sexual man who looks like he walked out of a martial arts movie.  He is infatuated with Chastity and does her bidding. He is a lower-level demon and likes his station. 

MARCUS: 50 year old male. He is the lead demon over the Los Angeles area. He looks and acts like a mob boss. He always has a bodyguard with him and keeps all his charges on a short leash. He is always looking for a way to bring Mary and her charges down. 


DR. MARY: 60 year old African American woman who works as a psychiatrist at St. Monica’s but in reality she is the head Angel over Los Angeles. She works to keep souls out of Marc’s hands. She may look like a sweet old lady but cross her and you will regret it. 


GREG MICHALES: 18 year old male who is unsure of who he is and what he believes. He is starting college unsure what to study. Dr. Michales’ son. He is the kind of person who could be persuaded to do almost anything regardless of the consequences. 



Episode one (Pilot): Nevaeh crass lands behind St. Monica’s hospital with no recollection of who she is and where she came from.  As the sides of good and evil descend on the hospital the battle Nevaeh starts her journey to find out who she is. 


Episode two: Nevaeh moves in with Theresa who is helping her navigate starting a new life as Dr. Mary and detective Chase work on helping her discover the past. Nevaeh meets Chastity and Scot who try and get her to hang out.  


Episode three: As Nevaeh works with Dr. Mary to recover her memory’s and Paul discovers he is falling for Nevaeh even though everyone tells him it’s a bad idea. Theo and Gabe run into Chastity and tell her to stay clear of Nevaeh. 


Episode four: Nevaeh decides that she wants to go to school but is unsure of what to study. Dr. Mary has a run in with Marcus. Detective Chase visits his wife in the psych ward in the hospital and tells her about Nevaeh. Dr. Michales’ son who is taking classes. 


Episode five: Nevaeh starts hanging out with Chase at school. Marcus approaches Chase and offers him s deal for his help.  Paul, Theresa, and Nevaeh work at trying to help Nevaeh research a false lead to her past.  Detective Chases wife tells him not to give up on Nevaeh’s case. 


Episode six: Chastity and Scot check in with Chase and give him a little taste of what he can have if he helps them with Nevaeh. Nevaeh and Paul go out on a date. Theresa meets Scott who tries to hit on her. Dr. Mary talks to Nevaeh about hypnosis. Detective chase is injured. 


Episode seven: Detective Chase ends up in the hospital, Nevaeh tells him to stop looking into her past it’s too dangerous. Chastity tries to seduce Paul. Marcus decides to step up his game when he hears that Nevaeh is going to try hypnosis. 


Season One Summary

Nevaeh tries to regain her memory with the help of her friends, her psychiatrist and a detective as the forces of good and evil battle for her soul. Marcus and his demons try everything to get Nevaeh on their side. Mary and Angles protect Nevaeh. Detective Chase gets to close to the truth. As Nevaeh gets closer to the truth, she contemplates letting the past it stay in the past. 


Season Two Summary

Nevaeh has as many questions as answers about who she is and whether or not she should continue trying to find out who she was or if she should stop pursuing her past before anyone else gets hurt or winds up dead.