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Through the series, we meet a colorful group of characters that challenge Damian’s existence. Sarah, the girl literally next door, really likes Damian, who can’t see it. We watch them both awkwardly dance around their mutual attraction for each other. Chris, who is Damian’s best friend since college, and a self absorbed “almost famous” actor is always giving the wrong advice, but truly means well. Catherine “Mommy Dearest” is never satisfied with Damian and is always trying to fix him. At work, Damian’s boss, Mr. Ross and co-worker, Alice, keep him in a constant state of turmoil and anxiety. Damian is never sure what to think, do, or say as he is inundated with sexual innuendos, pushed beyond his limits, and given the advice “Balls to the wall”. As we meet the people in Damian’s life, we understand why a support group seems like it might just be the place for him to get the help he so desperately needs.

Damian’s life begins to change when he meets Glen, a team builder, who invites him to join his support group called “A.S.K.” At first, the members of A.S.K. seem to be your basic support group junkies until one of them gets up and says, “Hi my name is Andrew, and I’m a serial killer”. After the first meeting, the group convinces Damian that if he joins them and becomes a serial killer he will become the person he desires to be. Damian decides to join.


Glen sets Damian up with a maniacal sponsor named Warren, and they go about grooming him for his first “Vic.” Damian blunders his way through as members take him out on training nights and he ruins all their kills. Damian’s journey to become a serial killer is fraught with more problems than successes, but he keeps trying. As he becomes more and more involved with A.S.K., we see his potential and find ourselves cheering for him to succeed in eliminating his first Vic. And, as the series progresses, it becomes clear that no one is ever who they appear to be on the surface.


Let the games begin.