Adrian Pereira

An I.T. guy in his late thirties who is more comfortable with computers than with people. He is socially awkward especially around women and he freaks out when he has to interact with them. The only “woman” Damian can talk to is Miss Sushi his Japanese fighting fish. He joins the group A.S.K. when he meets its founder Glen, who convinces him that A.S.K. can help. Damian is our anti hero who will go from a socially awkward mess to a top notch serial killer.

Brian Silverman

A member of A.S.K., the 2nd member of T.A.S.K., and Glen’s right hand man. Warren is in his forties. He is a dapper yet rugged man and the public relations member of the group. Warren would be the peace maker if a group of serial killers would have such a thing, however make no mistake he would kill you in a New York minute if you crossed him. He can go from teddy bear to grizzly bear in a second and back again. Warren is an experienced serial killer who is respected by everyone in the group. During the day he is a publicist and at night he loves to drown his vics.

Lara Thomas Ducey

Brainy and beautiful thirty something. She works at Make-Up A Broad as the make-up case designer of the group. Think sexy librarian meets techie.

Kelly Lohman

A pretty woman in her thirties she is the owner of the cafe “My Favorite Spot” that she inherited from her mother. She is taking night classes to become a licenced therapist. Molly sees Damian as he could be and wants to help him. Molly sees past Damian’s shyness and her need to care for others takes over when she sees him. Molly also went out with Chris for two weeks and wishes she hadn't.

Hamish Sturgeon

Andrew is a thirty-nine year old man who has A.H.S. “Alien Hand Syndrome”. A medical condition that causes his hand to do things that he would rather it didn’t. He calls the hand “Little Andy” This makes his job as an air traffic controller difficult. He looks like a pro campaign for marijuana use and he is trying to prove he can cure his condition with it. Andrew thinks everyone is a racist no matter who they are and he aims to get rid of them all. Andrew uses sarcasm as a weapon and he is always packing a gun or two.

Paula Rebelo

Works for Ross Inc. and is Mr. Ross’s personal assistant. An overtly sexy brunette in her early thirties who is known as the office tart. Alice is the type of woman who is accustomed to getting exactly what she wants when she wants it, and knows exactly how to get it. She uses her sexuality as a weapon and it is always locked and loaded.

Andrew Stubblefield

A man in his thirties who like Oliver is a expert on conspiracy theories. He has written many book on the subject.  He is the ying to Oliver’s Yang. Together they are planning to expose the A.S.K. Group to make themselves international stars in their world. Sullivan is an expert on Chemtrails and is thought be be the leading authority on them. He and Oliver have their own web site and blog about all of the conspiracy theories. 

Darcy Shean


Damian’s mother. Catharine is in her early sixties but looks good for her age and is your typical Beverly Hills house wife. She should never have been a mother, she feels burdened by her children and does not hide her contempt for them. She does; however, feel she would win the best mother of the year contest if there was one. She has a razor sharp tongue and lashes out at the worst possible moments.

Theo Breaux

Mario... he’s butch, gay, and an African American man in his thirties. A man who at first glance you would never guess is a female impersonator or a serial killer for that matter.  Mario always has to check out the new competition. Mario takes out people who bully other people and he does it in drag, I mean if you are going to rid the world of bully’s you should look good doing it. 

Jerry Wiel

A man in his thirties who is the ultimate conspiracy theorist. Oliver believes the real truth is out there and he means to expose it. He has been tracking A.S.K. for over a year now and is convinced Aliens and Bigfoot are among us. He is a celebrity in the world of conspiracy theory and has written books and given lectures. His partner is Sullivan and they are partners in every sense of the word,

Cheryl David
Barbara Ross

A women in her late fifties and a retired Interpol agent. Barbara is married to Randolph Ross and they have a son, Bradford. Barbara married for her love of money and makes no qualms about anyone knowing it. Barbara places spies on her husband in hopes of catching him cheating. Barbara also happens to be Catharine’s sister and  Damian’s Aunt. 

Mark McClain Wilson

The founder of A.S.K. The Association of Serial Killers and the 1st member of T.A.S.K. A thin unassuming man in his late thirties to early forties. Glen is the used car salesman of self help. Glen thinks there is nothing a good pro and con chart can’t solve. Glen is one of those team building guys who goes to other offices and helps the employees  work as a team, by having them participate in stupid group activities. Glen uses the same techniques to help serial killers as he does to help office workers connect.

Randy Irwin
Mr. Ross

The owner of Ross Inc. and Damian’s boss. An attractive man in his fifties who still acts like a young playboy. He puts the sex in sexual harassment, and is always on the hunt. He treats Damian like his own personal slave.

Brandon Meyer

Damian’s best friend since Junior High, back when they where both more like Damian still is now. Chris is an almost famous actor in his late thirties, who looks like he was made to be People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive.” Chris is the whole package and he knows it. Chris is like a big brother to Damian and a loyal friend because it reminds him of how far he has come. Weekly they meet at a cafe called “My Favorite Spot”.

Carrie Schroeder

Beautiful as she is crazy. Sarah is an actress in her mid thirties. She has done a few guest starring roles but is not a recognized actress yet. For Sarah the line between the real world and the acting world is very thin. Sometimes she is not clear on which one she is in at the moment.

Zachary Barton

A member of A.S.K and the 3rd member of T.A.S.K. In her late forty’s Vivian is a “cougar” who exudes confidence and sexuality. A paparazzi who despises actors. She takes them out in ways that look like accidents then, takes pictures of them and sells the pictures to the tabloids. Ever the consummate professional photographer, Vivian is always on the lookout for her next apprentice.

Melanie MacQueen
Miss Sushi

Damian’s Japanese fighting fish and the only “woman” Damian can talk to, only Damian hears her. Miss Sushi does give great advice even if it’s given in a sarcastic banter. She is Damian’s therapist, conscience, and cheering section when needed. 

Pleasant Wayne

An attractive woman in her thirties and one of Damian’s co-workers. Don’t let the name fool you she is anything but. She is annoyed by everyone and everything. She lives to complain and is the happiest when she is complaining. She is always looking for ways to get out of doing anything and if she can get someone else in trouble she considers the day a success. 

Di Koob

A woman in her mid to late thirties who is an RN working for a hospital in the geriatric unit. Lorraine is an angel of death who only Kevorkians those who have been vile to their families amongst other things. Lorraine has been nurse of the month more than most, and bares no tolerance to those who deny health care to anyone... She does a thorough job. 

David St. James

A member of A.S.K. and the 4th member of T.A.S.K. Malic is in his fifties and a man of the cloth. Malic is a Priest, Rabbi, Shaman, Bishop and clergy of several other religions. Basically he belongs to any group that would ordain him to their order. He speaks to God and he “thinks” God tells him who to kill.

Elizabeth Bonne

A 25 year old women who works at Make-up A Broad. A tomboy with attitude, but she looks like a fashion diva.


A member of A.S.K. and a woman in her thirties originally from Texas and lives up to the saying “everything from Texas is BIG!”. She now resides in Los Angeles and is a hair dresser who poisons people who have hurt her clients. After all she is a full service beautician who enjoys baking as a hobby. Betty Crocker on crack?? She may bake you something that looks pretty but look out it’s laced with something that will kill you.

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